The Trooth in Dentistry

Mission Statement

“To raise the bar for the standard of dentistry so that everyone is provided the care needed in a safe and comfortable environment”

Ryan C. Maher, DMD

The Book

the trooth in dentistry book coverThe “Trooth in Dentistry” was authored to do just that – bring out the truth in dentistry. It is an eye-opening book for both patients and dentists. The goal is to allow the patients the knowledge that they need, as well as to help them select an honest and ethical dentist. The book will educate patients in a manner that will enable them to obtain the best possible care from their current provider. This book shares real life scenarios, both ugly as well as “deadly”. As you read through the pages to better educate yourself, you’ll find your jaw dropping from some of the shocking information.

Dr. Maher has written The Trooth in Dentistry not only to reduce readers’ dread of the dentist, but to guide readers toward making a better connection with the dentist they currently have, or are searching for. With humor, passion, and expertise, Dr. Maher provides tips for improving your own at-home oral health routine and encourages you never to settle for less when it comes to the professionals taking care of one of your greatest assets—your mouth. Sharing his extensive connections to dentists and oral health care practitioners across the country, Maher truly goes beyond the call of duty in the pages of this book. He is a dentist who envisions an entirely evolved patient-dentist relationship—one that starts right off the bat, with comfort, confidence, and smiles.

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